When Cells Rebel – Cancer in Dogs

Last month, Dogs Naturally Magazine presented a webinar titled, Understanding Cancer in Your Canine, with Marty Goldstein, DVM, author of The Nature of Animal Healing.

We hear the word Cancer, but what is it really? Cancer is grown in the body – it can’t be caught. It happens when normal cells rebel due to immunity suppression.

So what is suppressing our dog’s immune system and causing cancer? Dr. Goldstein listed three significant influences:


“Vaccinations, they do have a role in society, but the practice of standardized immunization that we have accepted since the 1950s has got to be changed,” Dr. Goldstein said. He then looked at a study by The School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison which found that the minimum duration of immunity for canine some vaccines was as follows:

Distemper – 7-15 years
Rabies – 3-7 years

So why are people vaccinating their dogs every single year when there are healthier alternatives? Ask your veterinarian about a titer. It costs a little more than a vaccine, but it tests the antibodies in your dog’s blood to let you know if the booster is needed.

How does over-vaccination relate to cancer? The body recognizes the vaccines as foreign and unhealthy which is bad for the immune system. And as Dr. Goldstein said earlier, cancer in an autoimmune disorder and keeping the body’s immune system healthy is critical for treatment and prevention.


Speaking of controlling what we put in our dog’s body, the conversation then turned to diet. Dr. Goldstein reviewed the label of a popular brand of commercial kibble made by a company that got its start as a cereal and flour manufacturer before it began making dog food. While corn may be good in cereal, he asked, “have you ever seen a dog stalk an ear of corn? It’s not a natural,” he said. But this is no joking matter. The ingredients in most commercial dog foods are making our dogs sick.

A detailed look at the ingredients revealed what those of us who home cook or feed raw already knew – what’s in dog kibble is not only unnatural for the dog, it’s not real food – it’s made with what’s left over after human food is made.

Whether your dog currently has cancer or you are trying to prevent it, the diet you feed is one of the most important things you can do. “We have to look at science, but we also have to look at the natural tendencies in the body,” Dr. Goldstein said. Feed a natural diet made with real food for best health results.


While you can control vaccine schedules and the diet you feed, for some dogs, unfortunately have a genetic predisposition for cancer.

Your Dog has Cancer – Now What?

In addition to the most common forms of cancer treatment, Dr. Goldstein talked about:


Dr. Goldstein reviewed the various treatments for cancer, one of which was supplementation.

“A supplement should be a concentrated food that makes up for the deficiencies over the years,” he said. Speak to your veterinarian about which supplements are best for your dog. Some to consider include:

The Chinese Herb, Artemisinin which has been used in the treatment of malaria
Poly MVA
Fish Oil

Dr. Goldstein also recommends dog parents add this book to their library: The Dog Cancer Survival Guide.

This procedure freezes the cancer tumor and even stimulates the immune system.

IV Administration of Vitamin C

At the conclusion of one of the most informative hours I have experienced in a while, I was left feeling inspired.

“Cancer is the ultimate excuse to get healthy!” – Marty Goldstein, DVM

Keep up the hope! And check out Dogs Naturally Magazine to stay informed on matters that are important to you are your dog.

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