When Passion Becomes Business

I never imagined my passion could become my very own small business but here I am! My name is Allison Teegardin and I am the owner of Dragonfly Dog Bowl in the quaint town of Buda, Texas. Saturday, November 25, 2017 is Small Business Saturday. I am excited to be one of the many small businesses participating in the nationwide event.

My journey with dog food began long before I started Dragonfly. As a young girl, I loved making treats for the family dogs. If it was a food on the approved list, you could bet I found a way to make a treat out of it. However, in March 2015, my love of cooking for dogs became a requirement, not a hobby.

When one of my dogs was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, I had some feeding choices to make. Due to his condition, he needed a special diet specifically designed to support his kidneys. Not only were the commercial food options expensive, I wasn’t impressed with the ingredients. Flash forward six months and I was set up with my veterinarian-approved diet crafted by a canine nutritionist. Together with various ongoing treatments such as acupuncture to chiropractic, I found the fresh-cooked food was working well for my dog. So well, in fact, the other two dogs in the house started getting their own recipe of fresh-cooked food mixed into a feeding rotation. I loved cooking for my dogs. It made me happy. It was something I could do for them to help them live their healthiest life possible. In turn, I am living my most rewarding life – following my heart which lead me straight to the dog bowl! In January 2017, I hung my hat up on the cubical and traded in my corporate life to become a canine chef and small business owner.

Enough about me; I want to learn more about you and your dogs! Come see at the Downtown Buda Farmer’s Market on 11/25/17 from 9a-1p and let me help you spoil your dog with fresh foods and treats.

See you at the market,

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  • I so love your passion for feeding fresh cooked! I know everyone that attends the farmers market will be excited to be part of healthy feeding! It DOES make a difference in the health and well being of our fur family! (and our fur family loves LOVES it!) Thank you!

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