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Personal Canine Chef

Custom Dog Food

Why Complete & Balanced Matters

Properly balanced dog food is crucial to your dog’s health. It can be easy for us to believe our dogs could enjoy and thrive on a healthy meal that looks like what is on our plate. After all, it’s good for us! Even though dogs will eat almost anything we give them, they are a different species and do have different nutritional needs than we do. This is why as a personal canine chef, I only prepare recipes approved by a veterinarian or canine nutritionist. I can help connect you to someone if you need a recipe created. Already have one? Let’s get started! 

How I help Pet Parents

Feed Fresh Cooked Dog Food

Get an Approved Balanced Recipe

Meet with your veterinarian or canine nutritionist to have a complete and balanced recipe created for your dog. If you need a custom recipe created for your dog, Love Pet Hospital offers custom diet services.

Plan Your Weekly Feedings

Together, we evaluate your dog's recipe and I prepare an estimate of your weekly ingredients costs. This is where you select exactly what you want me to source such as non-GMO, organic, humane certified, grass-fed, etc. Your weekly cost is then determined based on ingredient selection and quantity. Ingredients + Chef Fee = Weekly Cost (+tax)

Schedule Delivery or Pick Up

Meals can be delivered within in/around Austin for a nominal delivery fee. Free pick up is available every Sunday at the Downtown Buda Farmers' Market between 10am-2pm.

Canine Chef Dragonfly Dog Bowl

The best gift we can give our dogs is nutritious and delicious meals, and that’s why I love cooking for them. When dogs eat good food, most of the time they have a healthier appearance, more energy and increased overall wellness. Food is a gift; it’s a universal sign of love. Say “I Love You” with fresh cooked dog food and treats.”

Allison Teegardin

Owner and Canine Chef


Do you add the supplements for me?

No, you will add the required supplements at the time of feeding as directed in your recipe.

How is the food delivered ?

Meals are measured out in daily portions and delivered frozen. You will thaw the food prior to feeding.

What happens if my recipe changes ?

Not a problem! I understand that your veterinarian may make periodic adjustments to the recipe. We will just evaluate the food costs based on the change. There is no fee to change recipes. 

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel any time. Just let me know two weeks prior to the date you want your last scheduled delivery. 

Is there a minimum order ?

‘The minimum order is one week worth of food. 

Is there a multiple dog discount?

Yes, if they are eating the exact same recipe, I offer a multiple dog discount. 

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