Getting Started with Your Personal Canine Chef

home cooking

STEp 1:


Talk to your veterinarian or canine nutritionist and get a customized diet for your dog.

STEp 2:


Email us the diet and we will price out your weekly ingredient costs and chef fee.

STEp 3:


Determine the frequency of your home deliveries. Pick from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

STEp 4:


Sit back and enjoy your time with your dog while we do the shopping, cooking and dishes!

Now you can have wholesome home-cooked dog food with the convenience of kibble. Just add any required supplements and/or medications and feed.
With a custom home-cooked meal for you dog, you ensure that you are feeding only the ingredients they need and nothing that they don't.
We source humane-certified ingredients including eggs from free roaming hens and local grass-fed beef.

Are you ready for help in the kitchen cooking for your dog?