Why We Started Home Cooking For Our Dogs

In 2015, our youngest dog was diagnosed with kidney disease. Initially, we assumed he was contaminated by a tainted dog treat. After numerous tests, the results were inconclusive. We would never know with 100 percent certainty what caused his kidney damage. All we could do was look forward and begin healing.

We learned that one of the most powerful tools in healing any disease is nutrition. Unsatisfied with the ingredients in the commercially produced specialty diets, we opted to home-cook for our dog. This allowed us to control the ingredients and ensure that our dog was receiving optimal nutrition to fuel his body. Together with our veterinarians and canine nutritionist, we formulated a kidney-friendly diet and identified the required supplements needed to ensure each meal was balanced.

At first, we had no system in place and quickly became overwhelmed with the amount of time and work needed to shop, cook, prepare and weigh each meal. We had to be exact. We developed a system where we batch-cooked the meals once a week and vacuum-sealed them into single-serve portions to maintain their freshness. It became such an efficient process that we started to make “regular” meals for our other two dogs. We were now a homemade dog food family and the health benefits of this change were clear to see. From shinier coats to less flatulence and more energy, all three of our dogs are in the best shape of their lives thanks to the powerful nutrition we are providing them daily.

With a passion for dogs and their health, we wanted to help other pet parents put nutrition back into their dog’s meals. And that is how Dragonfly Dog Bowl was created.

Why Our Name Is Dragonfly

A Dragonfly SketchAfter our dog’s diagnosis, we initially felt helpless and scared. While swimming one day, a dragonfly greeted us at the pool and began to dance in the air above our dog. For several minutes, the dragonfly darted up and down and twirled side to side while our dog swam his little heart out keeping up with his new friend. The scene stopped us in our tracks. We saw vibrant life in our dog, not sick kidneys. We saw happiness and hope. A fire was ignited in us that day, and from that point on we made sure the focus of our journey was love and healing.

The dragonfly symbolizes the ability to overcome hardship and find the positive in all situations. The dragonfly lives “IN” the moment. With its ability to see 360 degrees around itself, it serves as a reminder to see beyond limitations and embrace joy and adaptability.